How to Grow Microgreens for Profit ?

Grow Microgreens commercially

Profit is the capital that we get from a business or an enterprise after the expenditures spent for the same. No matter how tiny the enterprise or a business is, the main target of any enterprise is to achieve profit.

Profit = Selling price – Amount spent

Microgreens are tiny greens which are around 2 to 3 inch tall with the highest concentration of nutrients. Homes, indoors, greenhouse etc are the perfect places to grow microgreens easily. Microgreens can be grown for the business purpose and bring the highest profit. As it can be grown in minimum space and time, there will generally be more earnings in a year.

Advantages of microgreens business:

1. Initial investment is low

This business can be started at your own place with just a pair of trays to grow microgreens. Initially microgreens can be supplied to a few restaurants and marketing can be increased when there is more demand.

2. Less time duration

Another reason to grow microgreens is they take less time to grow as compared to the other crops.  In around 1 to 4 weeks, the seeds undergo transformation from seeds to the harvest and the microgreens will be finally ready. 

So the earning will be continuous throughout the year. After the first growth, we can determine the scale that has to be grown next .

3. Constant growing

These tiny young greens grown throughout the year lead to consistent income in fact. And you can also use it for yourself so that you prepare your own food like other farmers.

4. Nutrient rich

The microgreens are richer in nutrients than fully grown plants. Hence are sold at restaurants as well as to the health conscious customers.

5. Premium product

As the microgreens are sold for the higher price at the restaurants, the local farmers like you can also sell them for premium price as they are sold fresh.

How to grow your microgreens commercially??

It is very important to fix your mind with right decisions before starting up, though the microgreens are easier to grow. 

Step 1: Collect exclusive information

Gather as much information as possible. Refer books, articles online or in addition watch youtube for extra details. Also there are a number of courses available online. Consult the people who have experience in growing microgreens.

Step 2: Find customers

Find customers who use microgreens. Contact the restaurants, food stores, health conscious neighbours, farmer stores etc and build your network consequently.

You can also have a wholesale business instead of finding customers.

Step 3: Get the required supplies:

Gathering all the supplies in advance is essential in order to prevent future hassel. 

Here is the list of requirements that you need

i) Containers or trays

ii) Seeds

iii) Grow media

iv) Grow lights

v) Water

Step 4: Planting the seeds: 

Plant your seeds in the container or tray. Then keep an eye over the microgreens you grow. It is also important to water the microgreens regularly and provide an ideal amount of light and temperature.

Step 5: Harvest the microgreens:

Microgreens will be ready to harvest within 1 to 4 weeks. Usually they grow upto 1 to 3 inches tall. Trim the microgreens with clean scissors or a knife.

Step 6: Trying out new techniques

Initially it will be a trial and error process. Then try to find out which technique suits best and gives the highest yield. Also observe the pros and cons of each technique carefully.

Step 7: Maintain a record

Note down all the information about the techniques used, timings, date, conditions, expenditure etc.

Step 8: Selling

Selling it to your customers on time is also essential to keep up their expectations and trust in any business. Try with any random grocery shops, neighbours etc. Keep a separate record for your sales and customers.

Initially keep the business easy and charge minimum. Start with only two or three popular microgreens and build the network. Radish, pea shots, sunflower microgreens can be grown

As the business grows, start growing more microgreens and make sure to keep the pricings properly.


Having said that, the easiest way of earning, starting making profits in the next few weeks by starting your own business with minimum labor cost, space and time.

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