It is quite a task to grow cilantro microgreens at home. But once you excel in the process, it would be the most profitable microgreens. Cilantro microgreens will also add a pleasant aroma around the space.

So if you are searching for a guide to grow cilantro microgreens, you are in the right space!!

Cilantro Microgreens:

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Cilantro microgreens also known as coriander microgreens are everyone’s favourite. Coriandrum sativum is the scientific name and they originate from Asia, Africa and Southern Europe.

Cilantro microgreens usually take more time to grow as compared to other microgreens. They add a zesty aromatic flavour and are more frequently used for garnishing.

Let’s get into the grow guide of Cilantro microgreens.

How to grow Cilantro Microgreens?


  • Seeds: Select the highest quality seeds for the better results. We would recommend seeds from the Urban Farming Concepts.
  • Trays: Get a pair of trays. One with drainage holes and another without holes.
  • Growing medium: Coco coir or soil mix can be used as a grow medium.
  • Light: Grow lights can be used.
  • Spray bottles
  • Scissors

Follow the few simple steps to succeed in growing cilantro microgreens:


Soaking the seeds in case of cilantro microgreens is optional. You can soak them for 12 to 24 hour in a bowl of clean water. This method speedens the germination process.


Seed hulls can be crushed instead of soaking. Place the seeds in a plastic bag and gently crush them using a rolling pin. Either of these processes can be followed or skipped as per your wish.

Preparing the Growing Media:

Add the growing medium of your choice in the tray. Soil mix, or coco coir can be used as the medium. Smoothen it evenly. Moisten the medium and it will be ready for sowing.


Distribute the seeds uniformly on the grow medium. Make sure that they don’t overlap. Spray a little amount of water and you are good to go.


Cover the tray with a lid or another tray for the germination process. Completely block any kind of light entering into the tray. Germination of cilantro seeds takes place at around 70° F. 

Observe the seeds regularly and water them if needed. Cilantro microgreens take around 3 days to 1 week for the germination.


Once the seeds are germinated, remove the lid and expose them to the sunlight. As cilantro microgreens grow best with constant lighting, make use of the grow lights.

The leaves may be pale or white in colour, they turn green when exposed to light.

Supply light for at least 12 hours a day. Place the grow lights as close as possible and make sure that all the microgreens are receiving an even amount of light.


Bottom watering is the best watering method to avoid mold. Fill a tray with water and place the grow tray with drainage holes on top of it. By this method, the growing medium will absorb a sufficient amount of water leaving the greens dry so that there won’t be molds.

Make sure to check the water tray regularly and add water when necessary.


Cilantro microgreens will be ready for the harvest in 15 to 20 days. Yes!! A little longer than the rest of the microgreens. The leaves will be fully green and will be an inch tall or more.

Cease the water supply 10 to 12 hours before harvesting to remove excess moisture and preparing them for storage. Scissors or knives can be used to trim the microgreens just above the soil level.

Harvest only the required amount of them and leave the rest as such because the cilantro microgreens have a very tolerant harvest window.


Keep the microgreens as dry as possible. Gently press them using a paper towel and store them in an airtight container.

Benefits of Cilantro Microgreens:

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Good for eye health

Helps in wound healing

Immunity booster


We hope you find this article useful and try your hands out with growing your own cilantro microgreens. Check out our recent blog on Basil Microgreens Grow Guide.

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