Microgreens are the plant seedlings of grains, vegetables and herbs. Unlike the sprouts, microgreens are young ones among the mature plant world. 

In comparison, Sprouts are the fully germinated seed while Microgreens are toddler plants germinated out of mature seeds with tiny true leaves. Both have high health benefits while Microgreens are rich in nutritive value (vitamins and minerals). 

In recent years, Microgreen has risen in popularity because of its nutritious, appealing flavor, color and texture. Most people ought to use these microgreens in savouring side dishes, blending in soothies, and garnishing on snacks.

Eating them raw means relieving it’s fresh essence and retaining their mineral and vitamin potency. 

So the practice of growing microgreens is fun-filled-easy-quicker. 

Microgreens are beneficial for many reasons, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Fastest Growing
    It hardly takes 1-2 weeks of time for any microgreen seeds to harvest into a flourishing seedling. 
  • Lesser Accessories
    A shallow light region with suitable grow tray, seed pack or growing substrate (grow mat link) for an optimal growth of microgreens.
  • Saves time-space-effort
    Most varieties of Microgreens grow within the period of a week. And are grown effortlessly in your kitchen, window ledge and balcony within a few feets of space.
  • Best deserved as Urban Farming plant
    With limited time to care, no place to dwell and fast move scenario, microgreens serve best as urban farming choices. 
  • Lesser space: Higher harvest
    Within the bounds of the grow region in the grow tray/ container, microgreens grow lushfully all over the place.
  • Most Assort edible veggie
    As said so far, microgreens are the most assorted edible homegrown plant by vegetarian or vegan dietitians. 
  • Varieties of flavours and textures
    Each type of microgreen seeding adds various kinds of flavour and texture to the food served. 
  • Grow all throughout the year
    Grown within the minimal amount of time, microgreens are grown year round, irrespective of any season or climatic conditions. 
  • Abundant in nutritive value
    Microgreens are a denser source of nurturing nutrients of this time. It helds high nutritional health benefits; that to say, it has digestible minerals, vitamins, and ample enzymes locked in. 

Microgreens are mostly grown in the allocated space of kitchen, window and outer space under some reserved conditions of 


Irrespective of any plant kind light is the foremost thing it needs. In the case of Microgreens, it requires very less sunlight. The basic idea of placing plants under sunlight is that the plant will absorb the photonic energy from that. 

While the microgreens are readily supplied with the bountiful energy source, SEEDS which renders required energy and nutritive source its growth. 

So you can place a microgreen grow tray in the region of lesser light, or if you’re growing grow rooms placing it in shallow light will also do.


Create a warm temperature for flourishing yield. Growing microgreens is the same as taking care of ourselves, sometimes we are most diligent, sometimes lazy enough to not move an inch! 

It’s acceptable if you regard them in the same temperature as we humans need, just say 70o F or 21o C where it’s neither hot nor cold. 


Before inserting your seed pack, you would have poured 3-4 cups of water into the grow tray. 90% of the water you fed will be absorbed by the seeds to germinate and grow. Always follow the thumb rule while watering the microgreens/plants. 

After 4-5 days of planting, lift up the seed pack and check for the water remaining, if the water level is below a quarter of the grow tray refill the tray with some more water. 

By confirming these measures, you’re maintaining the optimal growing conditions for better grow. 

There are a number of microgreen seeds in the market as per the grower’s wish. Popular among them are basil, cabbage, mustard, pea, red veined sorrel, sunflower, arugula, broccoli, kale and more.  

We’re proposing a Beginner’s Guide on Microgreens (next blog link) in the next article, by following that you’ll grow like a pro in all instant.

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