Best Growing Medium for Microgreens

April 16, 2022 By Urban Farming Concepts

Growing microgreens is the easiest way to get your daily servings of vegetables and herbs. You can easily grow microgreens at home. Microgreens don’t require many nutrients for growth as…

Growing Microgreens in Coir Grow Media

April 11, 2022 By Urban Farming Concepts

Growing microgreens at home is not only budget-friendly but also gives a good learning experience. You can enjoy the taste of these little greens right at your home. You can…

Broccoli Microgreens- An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Them

March 26, 2022 By Urban Farming Concepts

As we all know broccoli is healthy and nutritious. But what if you can get an even more nutrient-dense form of broccoli? Yes, They are broccoli microgreens. These powerful little…

What are Microgreens and their Potential Health Benefits?

March 17, 2022 By Urban Farming Concepts

What are Microgreens? Microgreens, as the word “micro” says, are young vegetable greens. They are baby plants that come between a sprout and baby green. They are about 1-3 inches…

Do microgreens regrow after cutting?

March 12, 2022 By Urban Farming Concepts

Microgreens are becoming more popular these days because of many reasons. They are tiny plants packed with flavor and have concentrated nutrient contents. They provide more health benefits than mature…

Estimate your Microgreen consumption per day

March 5, 2022 By Urban Farming Concepts

Microgreens contain many nutrients and vitamins. They are low in carbohydrates and so eating more microgreens will not add much calories or carb load to your diet. A serving at…

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