Microgreens Grow- A step towards Nutritive Life

Everyone is fond of growing their own food at home. Growing one such simple food at least expense is what all expect!

Among many, cultivating Microgreens is a simpler-easier-most convenient option you get!

Grow your microgreens at your home! Be safe, be healthy, eat only nutritive food with supple microgreens and keep yourself fit. 

Enjoy growing microgreens in your home;kitchen,balcony,window slits, complement your snacks-food with vivid green leaves at your best!

Microgreens are richer in Vitamins and minerals, it’s vitality more than 20-30 fold greater than any other vegetables bought in stores. 

With Microgreens,you can improve the flavor of your Salads and Soups; enhance the texture of Main Dish by garnishing it on top; blend it with Smoothie for more accent; and you can also add chopped Microgreens on Scrambled Eggs, Sandwich, Burger and Tacos. 

We, at Urban Farming Concepts, provide you with exclusive grow tips, details on how to grow Microgreens on your own accord. 

Our wide range of Microgreen Seedpacks ,

  1. Arugula Microgreen Seed Pack
  2. Basil Microgreen Seed Pack 
  3. Cabbage Microgreen Seed Pack 
  4. Cilantro Microgreen Seed Pack 
  5. Pea Microgreen Seed Pack
  6. Radish Microgreen Seed Pack  
  7. Red Veined Sorrel Microgreen Seed Pack  
  8. Sunflower Microgreen Seed Pack  

Are supplemented with the Grow Tray especially designed for microgreen grow. 

Growing is made even more easier with our Customised Starter Kit! Grow your microgreens at best convenience-least afford!

All you need to do is to pour 3-4 cups of water into the tray, insert the seed pack over it. Place the grow tray in a shaddy region for the first few days, see yourself how the plant grows. After a week, your microgreen is ready to harvest, you can feed them as raw veg. 

This way, you’re making your diet nutritive-fresh-ever tasty!

Hello All,

If you find this article interesting, continue reading to know more on benefits and why and how to grow microgreen and its impact on your lifestyle. 

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